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Vinyl 7"-LAB144

Double A-side "Memories / Hours away" is taking the Gothenburg foursome in a new brilliant direction. "Memories" flirts with a contemporary Serge Gainsbourg while "Hours Away" puts a beautiful and timeless pop melody into a world of noise. Don't miss this!

1. Memories
2. Hours Away


The single ”Days” set the direction for the new Sambassadeur album ”European”. It’s irresistibly catchy, folky and yet exquisitely luxurious in its appeal - you’d picture the band performing the song barefoot under crystal chandeliers. Exquisite!

1. Stranded
2. Days
3. I can try
4. Forward is all
5. Albatross
6. High and low
7. A remote view
8. Sandy dunes
9. Small parade

CD Single-LAB112

Sambassadeur's upcoming single "Final say" is an eclectic mix of influences from the past and snapshots from the future. "Something's lost and nothing's gained, this is my final say" states Anna with a voice that would make Francoise Hardy envious..

»Final say« is backed by the brand new track »Crooked spine«. Imagine a collaboration between early Jesus and Mary Chain, Abba and Carol King produced by Phil Spector and you’ll have a slight idea of what this little gem is all about. Exclusive for this single!

01: Final Say
02: Crooked Spine


In 2003 and 2004 Sambassadeur lead an explosive Swedish pop movement of home recording artists who surprised our country by not only achieving overnight indie fame, thanks to the MP3 spreading kids, they eventually actually reached the sales charts. With »Migration« they enter a new epoch.

This time Sambassadeur chose to record in benifit of a proper studio together with producer Mattias Glavå (Dungen, Broder Daniel, Håkan Hellström). The first single »Subtle Changes« showed a new, more luxurious direction. It was an immediate success. With it’s disco hi-hats, swooping strings and orchestra drums that enhance their deceptive melodies, it was only a matter of days before the single was playlisted on national radio in Sweden and reached #9 on the blog-chart

»Migration« is a sparkling pop album, where breezy vocals meets deceptively sunny arrangements that perfectly wraps up the some of this years most heartfelt melodies.

01. The Park
02. Subtle Changes
03. That town
04. Falling in love
05. Migration
06. Final say
07. Someday we're through
08. Something to keep
09. Calvi


»Coastal affairs« is a brilliant album in miniature. Four songs, none from any previous or upcoming albums, each song equally important. From the dancey and infectious opening track »Kate« to the tribute to New Zeeland's song treasure, the cover of The Bats' »Claudine«.

01 - Kate
02 - Think nothing of it
03 - Marie
04 - Claudine


The debut album from Sweden’s brightest shining hope exceeds every expectation. Pure indie guitar pop, gorgeous lazy melodies wrapped around
fuzzy guitars and far away tambourines.

01 - new moon
02 - ice & snow
03 - one last remark
04 - sense of sound
05 - if rain
06 - still life ahead
07 - la chanson de prévert
08 - between the lines
09 - in the calm
10 - just because of you
11 - whatever season
12 - posture of a boy


With inspiration from The Go-Betweens, Velvet Underground, Magnetic Fields, Pavement and France Gall, Sambassadeur has created a sound which is unmistakably Sambassadeur. The music site Lemanchester described it like this: “After just one listen they songs feel like old friends and without any hesitation they take their place in musical history”.

01 - new moon
02 - the only living girl
03 - there you go


Good taste in music is spreading! Sambassadeur is another example of a great pop band which has been discovered by the indie pop audience long before they’d released anything. »Between the lines« has been an underground hit for months already.

Now it’s available on CD for the first time along with three other killer tracks.

01 - between the lines
02 - in the calm
03 - ice & snow
04 - can you see me

Club 8
»Above the city«
Album CD/Vinyl/Digital

Club 8
»I'm not gonna grow old«
Digital single

Club 8
»Stop taking my time«
Digital single

Johan Hedberg
Digital single

Release date: June 12, 2013

Johan Hedberg

Release date: Fall, 2013

The Mary Onettes in the US
Confirmed for two shows in NYC.

AHK plays in Asia
Festival show is booked March 8th.

New Club 8 song and video
Club 8 "Kill Kill Kill" is out now.